Our Rescues

We marvel at the unyielding dedication and noble efforts of renowned animal rescues. As part of the Landshark & Bubba's Coffee family, we have the unique privilege of integrating quality, taste, and sustainability into our mission of supporting the rescue and rehabilitation of adorable, yet vulnerable creatures. Our partners tirelessly work to save the precious lives of our furry friends, turning heartbreaking stories into tales of triumph and love. Join us on a journey that doesn't just celebrate exceptional coffee, but salutes the extraordinary commitment of these rescue organizations, sparking a life-saving change one cup at a time.

Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue

Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue (PPPR) is a phenomenal pet rescue organization dedicated to the welfare of senior dogs. Established out of a profound love for dogs, PPPR is driven by the passion to provide care, bring joy and extend the lifeline for "the ones nobody wants". Senior dogs, often overlooked, find not just refuge, but rewarding companionship, under the aegis of PPPR.

At the heart of PPPR is its founder, Jaime McKinight, best known as "The Sparkly Rescue Realtor". Jaime has dedicated many years of her life to this noble cause with incredible energy, ceaseless compassion, and unwavering resolve. She has built PPPR not just as a shelter for senior dogs, but as their forever friend, pulling resources together to ensure that these aged canines get the best care and affection they deserve in their twilight years.

Her work extends beyond the bounds of a traditional rescue service. Jaime, through PPPR, facilitates the healing process of senior dogs by fostering an environment of love, care, and happiness, turning her rescue activities into a heartfelt mission of redefining their lives.

As a result, Pawlicious Poochie Pet Rescue is more than just a rescue organization - it's a sanctuary, a beacon of hope, and a testament to unconditional love and dedication. The brainchild of Jaime McKinight, PPPR offers ray of light for senior dogs who may otherwise have been neglected, showing them that their golden years can indeed be their best, and they are always deserving of love, care, and companionship. Jaime truly is the best friend any dog could hope for, championing a cause that restores dignity and joy to these aged four-legged friends, validating the belief that every life is worth saving.